David Wilson

David Wilson, Sivarulrasa GalleryWater, or fluidity, is a pervasive theme that runs through much of artist David Wilson’s work. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the Pacific Northwest, an area renowned for unenviable amounts of rain, the artist sees water as a metaphor for life’s ebb and flow. “In my mind, life is like water in that eventually it finds its own balance and I see that reflected in the way I like to paint”, he states. (Photo courtesy Yasmeen Strang.)

David Wilson uses representation as well as techniques of abstraction to explore his subjects. Brushes, scrapers, rags, pencils, crayons, spray cans and various other mark making tools are used to apply a variety of media to canvas or board, resulting in works that are brilliant and sombre at the same time. Each painting comprises numerous layers that may or may not eliminate evidence of preceding layers. Wilson combined his painting skills with studies at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, and works full-time at his studio in East Vancouver. Over the past 15 years, his work has been collected both nationally and internationally in many private and corporate collections. His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in British Columbia, Alberta, and Newfoundland.

David Wilson’s work was featured in our show East-West from June 1 to July 8, 2018.


Paintings by David Wilson at Sivarulrasa Virtual Gallery

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