Pen & Pixel, June 3 – July 10, 2016

Featured artists: Dale Dunning, Gayle Kells, Sanjeev Sivarulrasa



Curated by: Sanjeev Sivarulrasa

In Pen & Pixel, Sivarulrasa Gallery presents works by three Almonte and Ottawa-based artists who use traditional and new media to contemplate nature’s intricate forms. Gayle Kells pens meticulous ink drawings – pensive works that evolve organically on paper, evoking imagery of fauna and flora. Dale Dunning layers photographic images of still life – from dried flowers to dead birds – to portray the beauty of form, texture, and colour he finds in nature. Sanjeev Sivarulrasa turns his gaze skyward, using cooled astronomical CCD cameras and telescopes to capture the forms of the deep sky, collecting light from distant galaxies and star-forming nebulae. The works celebrate nature’s rhythmic beauty, while offering a meditation on nature lost: from the destruction of natural habitat to the loss of our pristine night sky.

Vernissage/Meet the Artists: Sunday June 12, 2016, 2pm-5pm – join us to celebrate the opening of this exhibition! Artists Gayle Kells, Sanjeev Sivarulrasa, and Dale Dunning will be in attendance. (Vernissage photos courtesy Raymond Dubois)


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Gayle Kells
Meandering II

Island Universe Sivarulrasa 2012

Sanjeev Sivarulrasa
Island Universe


Gayle Kells
Mystical Garden

Celestial Rose Sivarulrasa 2012

Sanjeev Sivarulrasa
Celestial Rose

18. Dale-Dunning_Emergence-01

Dale Dunning
Emergence 01

Cygnus Nebulae Sivarulrasa 2012

Sanjeev Sivarulrasa
Cygnus Nebulae


Dale Dunning


Gayle Kells

17. Dale-Dunning_Kimona-09

Dale Dunning
Kimona 09