Artist Carol Bajen-Gahm, Sivarulrasa Gallery

Carol Bajen-Gahm lives on the East coast of Newfoundland, working from her studio on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The rugged landscape and constantly changing light of her surroundings are inspirations for her work. Her Root Cellar Meditation and Encounters paintings address the realities of life on an island in the North Atlantic.

Originally from Massachusetts, Carol Bajen-Gahm has an undergraduate degree in music with a minor in philosophy from Boston University, and a Master’s degree in jazz composition from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. For her Master’s thesis, she created an installation combining music and art with computer manipulations and ambient sounds. She now concentrates on her oil and encaustic works, exploring the effects of place and time on the inner and outer landscape. Her works often investigate dark spaces, tangled areas, time shifts and spatial juxtapositions. “My aim is to create a kind of beauty with a shadow; one that has been informed by darkness; beauty that is abstract, spiritual, meditative and eventually, healing.”

She has completed artist residencies at the Pouch Cove Foundation, Newfoundland, the Julia and David White Artist Colony in Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica and the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in California. In 2006 she received a Joan Mitchell grant to attend the Santa Fe Institute of Art, and in 2016 attended the 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects Residency in Duntara, a remote outport community on the Bonavista peninsula of Newfoundland. Her works have been exhibited in Canada, the United States, and Austria and are held in many private and corporate collections.



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