Artist Catherine Gutsche, Sivarulrasa Gallery

Born and raised in Toronto, Catherine Gutsche earned her Bachelor of Fine Art degree at York University in 1980. She creates intricate non-representational compositions, often alluding to forms in nature but highly abstracted, driven by a need to “engage my mind”. Freed from representational limits, her interest is in colour, line and texture. She worked with acrylic paints for over two decades and, in recent years, has also created many works in oils combined with cold wax.

As her paintings are largely process-driven, she uses a variety of tools in the studio, including brushes, palette knives, skewer sticks, tree branches, and even metal spikes to sometimes gouge the surface she is working on. “I enjoy the unpredictable aspect of my practice”, she notes. Her work has been exhibited in Ottawa and Toronto and is held in many private collections in Canada, the UK, and the US. Catherine Gutsche currently works from her studio in Ottawa.




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Catherine Gutsche at Sivarulrasa Virtual Gallery