Artist Wendy Robertson, Sivarulrasa GalleryBorn and raised in the Toronto area, artist Wendy Robertson’s work is inspired by the natural environment and her intimate observations of nature. Her preferred locations are in Northern Ontario and Canada’s National Parks, with a focus on pristine natural habitats. Her studio practice, based in Toronto, has evolved through self-study combined with coursework at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Working primarily with oils and palette knives, her paintings of rock surfaces, shorelines, and landscapes convey both immediacy and grandeur. Her gaze is often drawn to micro-environments with specific attention to negative spaces and the intricate interplay of colour and texture. “The rock is not grey, it never is” she states. The resulting works combine patterns in nature with techniques of abstraction to transform ordinary objects, such as a collection of rocks or pieces of tree-bark, into immersive experiences for her viewers.

Wendy Robertson’s works have been exhibited in Ontario and Newfoundland, and are held in many private collections in Canada and the United States. In 2022, Canada’s Official Residences Crown Collection acquired her work Jasper.





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