Sanjeev Sivarulrasa – Photographic Works 2012-2013

Selected works on aluminum, completed in 2012 and 2013. Contact the Gallery to inquire about the works below.

Night Grand Lake Sivarulrasa 2013Celestial Rose Sivarulrasa 2012Stellar Nursery in Orion II Sivarulrasa 2012Cygnus Nebulae Sivarulrasa 2012Starfields in Cygnus Sivarulrasa 2013Nirvana Sivarulrasa 2012Milky Way Old Woman Bay Sivarulrasa 2013Starfields in LyraCelestial Rose II Sivarulrasa 2012Island Universe Sivarulrasa 2012Milky Way Over Cedar Lake Sivarulrasa 2012Night on Venus (Diptych) Sivarulrasa 2012Orion's Sword Sivarulrasa 2012Virgo Sivarulrasa 2012Turning, Mew Lake Sivarulrasa 2012